Labor Day at Westcott

Westcott Study Center kicked off the new academic year with a BBQ for family and friends on September 6. Several hundred people attended, there was fun and food for everybody, especially the youngest who enjoyed various games on the grounds.

Club Mustang in Dallas for 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

Club Mustang is a bi-weekly club at Wingren Study Center that forms 6th, 7th and 8th grader in the qualities essential to a leader: a strong faith, a spirit of service, and a commitment to excellence. Each session involves a virtue talk, mentoring time, time for prayer and confession, team meetings, competitive activities, and a meal. For more information and register.

Family Enrichment Courses in the Fall in Texas

Texas Family Enrichment is offering two courses this Fall. The "First Decisions" course will be held in Houston focusing on how to help children between 7 and 10 use their freedom well by having a scale of values. A second course on "Matrimonial Love" , for couples of all ages who want to strengthen their marriage and deepen their personal growth, will be offered in The Woodlands, Dallas and Tulsa, OK. More information

The Grade: High School Program in Houston

Dear Students and Families,

The Grade seminars are part of the larger Grade program that offers weekly study nights as well throughout the year at Westcott Study Center. Freshman & Sophomore Grade Seminars and Study Nights meet on Tuesdays, and Junior & Senior Grade Seminars and Study Nights meet on Wednesdays. While signing up for the program does not require students to attend every seminar or study night, the cost of the registration includes the entire program, and the more often students are able to attend the various activities, the more they will benefit! Although The Grade seminars do not begin until September, our first study night is Tuesday, August 24th for Freshmen and Sophomores, and Wednesday, August 25th for Juniors and Seniors.

Fatherhood Workshop Overflowing

Special arrangements were needed at Featherock Conference Center to accommodate the 40 attendees of the Fatherhood Workshop on the weekend of July 9-11. "True Masculinity, Suffering and Generosity in Marriage" were addressed by Doug Hinderer the keynote speaker. Other topics discussed included  "Preparing Your Child for the Porn Pandemic", "Leading Your Family Through CyberSpace", and "Forming your Children in Faith and Love of God. In addition a panel discussed the topic of "Family Size". The workshop closed with a presentation on the impact of the family in society. The schedule also included plenty of time for recreation and personal interactions. 

Canavox Workshop for Young Men in Houston

A few dozen young men attended a two day workshop during the month of June at Westcott Study Center led by Canavox. The course was specifically addressed to young men and dealt with issues including dating, healthy relationships and marriage. Canavox is a cheerful marriage movement that offers reading groups to friends who support the historic understanding of marriage.

Two Family-Enrichment Courses in the Houston Area in the Fall

Texas Family Enrichment is offering two courses this Fall: First Decisions for parents of children between 7 and 10 years, and Matrimonial Love for couples of all ages. 

Supporting Family Initiatives in the Year of the Family

The current Year of the Family convoked by Pope Francis is a great opportunity to support initiatives that promote the family. That will help parents improve their relationships with their spouses and develop their child-rearing skills. In addition it will help young people discover the beauty of starting a Christian family. One of those initiatives is the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), a non-governmental, independent, and non-profit federation, whose primary mission is to support families through training. Among the IFFD inspired groups in the US is Texas Family Enrichment. In the last few years, as part of IFFD, the IFFD foundation has been developing an endowment that will provide stable resources to undertake more wide-ranging initiatives to support the family. Please spread the word and consider supporting IFFD by making a donation here

Holy Cross Chapel in Downtown Houston

Life in downtown Houston is starting to pick up. Traffic is getting busier and finding a parking spot on the street during the day is getting a little more difficult. It is a good time to increase awareness of the presence of the Holy Cross Chapel in downtown. The Chapel offers daily Mass at 11:35 AM for people working in downtown, and a priest is available every weekday for confessions and spiritual direction between 10 AM and 2 PM. This new video presents what the Holy Cross Chapel has to offer. 

New E-book: "Life of Christ" by Ricciotti

The Life of Christ by Giuseppe Ricciotti is considered by some as the best biography of our Lord. This is not a work of biographical fiction, where the author attributes words, deeds and even thoughts to Our Lord not found in the Gospels. Father Ricciotti's approach is different: "It has been my wish to write an exclusively historical and documentary work." Sticking strictly to what we know or what the Church has generally inferred from Scripture, tradition, non-Biblical sources, archaeology, linguistics and other disciplines, he produces a portrait of Jesus and his times that is nothing less than astonishing in its richness of detail.

Recollection in Tulsa, OK

On April 22, about 40 men attended a recollection in Tulsa, OKlahoma, preached by Fr. Jerry Jung, who came from Dallas for the occasion. Bishop David Konderla of Tulsa came at the end of the event to greet everyone and show support. Another local priest came to hear confessions with Fr. Jerry. It was a great evening!

Forming Your Family in Virtuous Use of Technology

Rocky Point is proud to offer this important series on Forming Your Family in Virtuous Use of Technology


1. Digital Destruction from Time Wasting to Pornography    April 24 8:00 PM

  Presentation and discussion led by JL Marti

2. Growing up in the Digital Age      May 1 8:00 PM

  Viewing of “Childhood 2.0” followed by discussion led by Gustavo Bernardo  


3. Forming Your Family in Virtuous Use of Technology    May 8 8:00 PM

  Presentation and discussion led by Johann D'Souza

4. Parenting Together  May 14 8:00 PM

Family Enrichment case study by Pilar & Guido Caranti. 

Wine and Cheese to follow each session, Please RSVP - Mariano 703-963-1453

70 Rocky Point Circle, Spring, Tx 77389

Rocky Point aims at helping families in their journey to create bright and cheerful homes, under the teachings of Saint Josemaria Escriva

The Woodlands: Talk on Entrepreneurship for High Schoolers

On Saturday, April 17th, the first of two talks about entrepreneurship for High Schoolers at Rocky Point (The Woodlands) took place with around 15 attendees. Presented by Ian Raynolds and Juan Damia the topic for the first session was “the Entrepreneur’s DNA, do you have what it takes?”. We went through the habits and virtues required to be a successful entrepreneur. Later on Esteban Russell captivated the attendees with a unique approach to “The meaning of life”.
The second session will be a workshop on how to structure ideas and preparing a wining elevator pitch. The workshop will close with the students presenting their “Elevator Pitch” to a group of four seasoned entrepreneurs and investors.

2021-2022 Featherock Men Calendar Posted

The calendar for men's activities from June 2021 to May 2022 has been posted on the Featherock website: The listings of activities for men now include a link to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about activities at Featherock.

Personal Initiatives: Marriage Counselors

Tomas and his wife, Ivonne, became Marriage Coaches and Directors of The Alexander House-Spanish, as a result of a lot of prayer and discernment, after they came back together after an ugly divorce. They received help from Greg and Julie Alexander, founders of The Alexander House. A few months after their reconciliation, they asked God to show them where He needed them. They clearly saw that The Alexander House was where they had to be. They clearly realize that you are better equipped to help others, when you have experienced a marriage crisis yourself. They want to help couples rediscover their happiness and be fulfilled in their marriage. They are fully bilingual but mainly work with Spanish speaking couples. Other coaches focus their efforts on English speaking.