Personal Initiatives: Helping Married Couples

Anna and Gerard Migeon are the founders of Natural Womanhood: an extensive online platform to introduce women and couples to natural family planning and comprehensive women's health in a non-religious and engaging way. It offers fact-based articles on the risks and side effects of hormonal birth control and the benefits of NFP. It also refers couples to sound resources, whether it's NFP training classes like Couple to Couple League, Billings, or Creighton, and to NaProTECHNOLOGY doctors if they struggle with infertility or other reproductive health dysfunctions. Natural Womanhood is a nonprofit 501c3. Since the launch, over 1.8 million individuals from all over the world have visited the website, and 1,000 readers visit it every day. Check it out at and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the founder and CEO if you have any questions.   

First Recollection in Oklahoma

On September 17, Fr. Pete Arriagada traveled to Oklahoma City invited by the local bishop to visit, to preach a first recollection in that city and meet men interested in the spirituality of Opus Dei. About 25 men attended the event. 

Parenting With Purpose Lecture Series 2020-2021

Texas Family Enrichment is organizing a series of nine on-line lectures to help couples improve their parenting skills from the comfort of their home. For more information and to register, please visit their website

Commuter Retreats

Due to the current pandemic, the number of people Featherock will be able to accommodate for retreats this year is going to be significantly lower than in previous years. In order to palliate such decreased opportunities to make a retreat in 2020, commuter retreats are being planned. They will be two-and-a-half day retreats at a convenient location during the day with the participants returning home in the evening. As usual, the meditations will be held at a chapel, and will preached live by a priest, if there are enough attendees, or pre-recorded meditations might be played. The current idea is to hold such retreats in different cities. In Houston a natural place for such commuter retreats would be the Holy Cross Chapel in downtown Houston. In other cities, the Opus Dei centers may be used. Suggestions for alternative locations are welcome.

Personal Initiatives: Vision 2030

At the end of March 2020, a group of Spanish-speaking professionals, led by a Francisco Ortigosa and William R. Colina, met online to discuss the vision of the world beyond the current pandemic. We held long conversations, where everyone informally discussed their personal vision based on experience and area of ​​expertise.

Little by little entrepreneurs, company executives and professionals with experience in different specialties joined the group. We had global participation, since participants joined us from Spain, England, Oman, Denmark, USA, Venezuela, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina and Canada. Since then, we have changed the initial format, and now hold meetings every two weeks. We exchange ideas for 90 minutes, guided by highly-trained professionals with ample experience.

Sixty Years of Pastoral Work

On August 14, 1960, Fr. Chris Schmitt was ordained a priest in the Basilica of San Miguel in Madrid, Spain along with twenty or thirty other numeraries of Opus Dei. Since then, Fr. Chris has exercised his pastoral ministry in several continents: Europe for one year, Australia for five years, and America for fifty-four years. In the US he has worked in a number of US cities: Chicago, Milwaukee, Valparaiso (Indiana), Washington, Miami, Menlo Park, Houston, and Dallas. Fr. Chris is also known for his interest in college football and things Italian. He is has been living at Chaucer Center in Houston for the last few years. Please join us in thanking God for so many years of faithful service.

Texan Couple Featured on the Opus Dei Website

An article entitled Dancing the Texas Two-step Towards the Faith on the Opus Dei website tells the story of Courtney and Brian. Both are Texans but until recently they lived in Spain. Their love story began on a dance floor and has led them to places they never dreamed of.