In North America, a Shrine to the Mother of Fairest Love

St. Josemaría Escrivá wrote in 1955: "In North America, a Shrine to the Mother of Fairest Love". Following that dream, a group of members and cooperators of Opus Dei based in California are planning to turn that suggestion into a reality. The promoters are actively searching for a piece of land that could host a Shrine dedicated to the Mother of the Fairest Love. They are also soliciting ideas and spiritual and financial support to bring such an ambitious project to a successful completion. For more information about this initiative visit their website:

Senior Director Position of Advancement at Midtown


Midtown Educational Foundation guides low-income urban youth in Chicago along pathways of success. Its proven enrichment programs embrace the dignity of the person by focusing on academic excellence, virtue development, individual attention, and parental engagement. MEF operates through its Metro Achievement Center for girls and Midtown Center for boys in grades 4 – 12. Programs focus on Hispanic and African American youth, offering after-school and summertime growth opportunities that help students of  average academic ability to achieve above-average results. Programs are rooted in Catholic moral and social teaching and embrace students regardless of their religious, racial, ethnic, or familial status. MEF received its original inspiration from Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church, and continues today its partnership with Opus Dei. 

Rocky Point Presentation and Blessing

A group of around 50 people gathered on Saturday, Feb 20, at the Rocky Point House in The Woodlands for a presentation about the activities to be held at the house recently rented. The Rocky Point House aims at helping families in their journey to create bright and cheerful homes, following the teachings of St. Josemaria. For the moment, the plan is to hold formational activities for adult and young men. The presentation was followed by a house blessing, and preceded by a pot-luck dinner. Some of the attendees wore masks due the current pandemic. Others did not, since they considered the risk minimal because they have been vaccinated or have had the disease.  For more information or to help, please call Mariano at 703-963-1453.

Holy Cross Chapel: Men's Lenten Forum

Personal Initiatives: High School Program in Austin

This school year,  “Season 2” of the Austin Summit Leadership program for high school men kicked off. The program offers the practical, intellectual and moral foundation to be a man of character. The Summit is a monthly seminar that helps young men see their high school years from the viewpoint of their entire life. It encourages them to develop now the skills and attitudes they will need for future life challenges. Through a combination of classes, career presentations, and one-on-one mentoring, it teaches them to be men of character who are ready for responsibility in: marriage and fatherhood, professional work, responsible citizenship, friendship with family, colleagues, neighbors, and God. The program is run by a group of dads led by Aaron Schuchart.

Activities in Tulsa Kicked Off

Activities for men in Tulsa kicked off this past Saturday, December 19 at the home of Brandon Watson.  Brandon and Derek Lyssy organized a pizza lunch, a talk entitled “Transmitting your faith to your children,” and a get-together for 13 professionals from various Tulsa-area parishes.  The group plans to meet monthly with the support of supernumeraries from Houston, please pray for the success of this apostolic effort. 

Personal Initiatives: Pacific Inspired Father-Son Clubs

Ashton has recently moved to Dallas from Southern California with his family. He has launched a Father-Son in the Dallas area following the same guidelines of the several he started in California. The club, intended for fathers with sons in 1-3 grades, meets once a month on Saturdays. The gathering usually takes place in a public location like public park. The activities includes two sports: kickball and soccer. In the first sport, kickball, sons and fathers play in opposite teams, and both enjoy the competition enormously.