Help Welcome

The following are areas where help would be very welcome:

  1. Welcome new members to the website, provide basic explanations and introduce new members to the various groups.
  2. Work on the spiritual reading books database:
    • Look for free ebook versions of the spiritual reading books currently in the book database. There are many websites which may have some of them. The work may also involved changing the format. We have used Calibre as a tool to provide ebooks in various formats. In case of books for which the copyright has expired, sometimes they are found online with poor formatting, which almost makes them unusable. It would be a great help if someone would improve their format and incorporate them into our book database. 
    • Another exciting project would be to produce good quality audio books. There are tools to produce audio files from text. Someone could explore those tools and come up with an automatic way to produce audio-books out of the ebooks.  
  3. Encourage personally people we know to sign up and walk them through the process if necessary
  4. Produce videos on how to use the website. Active presenter seems to be a good free software (limited version) to produce videos and has been used to produce the current help videos. Voice and comments could be added.
  5. Keep adding resources to the resource section: courses, etc.
  6. Add news of interest to the local or global communities. 


If you would like to help email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or register for Social and send a message to the Administrator.