05.1 Featherock Retreat FAQ

  • What is the current policy of masks at Featherock for adult men's activities? The general COVID guidelines for Featherock can be found here. Following the current guidelines from the dioceses of Victoria -where Featherock is located- and from the Governor, masks are encouraged especially for those who have not been vaccinated or have not had COVID. However, they are not required. 
  • Who preaches the retreats? Retreats are preached by priests of Opus Dei.
  • Are they silent retreats? Yes. Silence starts after the snack on the first evening and concludes before the last appetizer/lunch on Sunday. It is kept during all activities during that time. The snack on the first evening and the lunch on the last day are good opportunities to get to know the other participants. 
  • What are the activities during the retreat? Retreats typically include the following daily activities: Holy Mass, times of prayer directed by a priest (referred to as meditations), time for confessions, a talk on a practical aspect of Christian life given by a layperson, the Way of the Cross, Benediction with the Blessed Sacrament, time of spiritual reading, and the Holy Rosary. A typical schedule can be seen here
  • Will I have time on my own? Yes, there is plenty of free time.
  • Is there a quiet place where I could pray? A chapel (oratory) is available during the day for personal prayer and reflection with Our Lord reserved in the tabernacle. There are also common rooms, and there is ample space to pray outside on the grounds of Featherock.
  • What are the lodgings like? Every retreatant is assigned an individual room with private bathroom. There is no need to bring any linen or towels.
  • Does the conference center provide meals? Yes, the retreat includes three meals a day, coffee and tea is available throughout the retreat, and a snack before retiring at night. However, we request to limit drinking and eating to the dinning room area, including the large gathering area outside of it.
  • What is the dress code during the retreat? The dress code is business casual. Wearing a jacket for Mass and Benediction is encouraged. Wearing long sleeves is also encouraged during meals.
  • Is it possible to exercise during the retreat? There is some free time during the retreat during which you could exercise. There is a small gym on the lower level. You can also run, jog or walk around the area. However, we encourage participants to avoid walking or jogging on the road at night for safety reasons. 
  • What does the conference center look like? You can see some pictures of the facility here
  • I have some work or family issue and I can only make part of the retreat, is it OK to still come? It is highly recommended to attend the whole retreat, thus we discourage partial attendance. However, If you cannot avoid arriving a few hours late or early in the first morning, please let us know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 24 hours in advance, or get in contact by phone/text with the director of the retreat. In any case, please let us know when you will be arriving. 
  • I am on a special diet and/or would like to skip some meals, is that OK? If you have a special diet or plan to skip any meals, please let the director of the retreat know in advance, so he can communicate the diet and provide an accurate meal count to the staff of the conference center.
  • I am on the waiting list, what should I expect? It is not uncommon to have cancellations in the last few days before the retreat. Therefore if you are among the first 3-4 people in the waiting list, you have a good chance to get a regular room. In case you do not get a regular room, it is still possible to attend the activity by spending the night at a nearby hotel. You would have to arrange the hotel, and pay for it. However, your activity fee would be the regular fee minus the cost of the hotel. Therefore, the total cost to you would be the same. You can find hotels near Schulenburg, where Featherock is located, here.
  • Will I be able to receive spiritual direction during the retreat? The priest preaching the retreat is available for spiritual direction outside of confession. A sign-up sheet is typically put out for participants to book a time to talk with him. He also hears confessions in the confessional outside the oratory at certain scheduled times. 
  • What is the cost of retreat for adult men? The current cost as of April 2021 is $440. 
  • Are scholarships available to help cover the cost of an activity? The policy of Featherock is not to prevent anyone from attending an activity because of lack of funds. If you would like to apply for a reduced rate, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Nevertheless, we ask everyone to do their best to come as close as possible to the regular fee, since Featherock usually runs an annual deficit. Donations to cover regular operations, maintenance and improvements of the facility are accepted at www.featherock.net (Click on Donate on top).