Personal Initiatives: Club Forge

Angelo Directo with other dads, friends and volunteers have put together Club Forge. The initiative is an adventure and character-building club for boys in grades 3 through 5 and their dads. It aims to imbue the boys with a desire to be men of virtue and to give them some of the tools they need to reach that goal. It meets on the third Sunday of the month at 3 PM at Westcott Study Center in Houston.

In a fun and manly environment, Club Forge encourages the boys to overcome difficulties, to stick to a task until it is finished, to respect others, and to aspire to high ideals. Hand-in-hand with helping the boys, the club aims to provide fathers with effective tools and opportunities for further cultivating the virtues in their boys at home.

In the difficult circumstances we are all facing these days, boys are looking to their fathers for guidance, example, optimism and love. During Club Forge meetings each month, fathers and sons can get together and have more focused time together in meaningful discussion and extreme fun.

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