Personal Initiatives: High School Program in Austin

This school year,  “Season 2” of the Austin Summit Leadership program for high school men kicked off. The program offers the practical, intellectual and moral foundation to be a man of character. The Summit is a monthly seminar that helps young men see their high school years from the viewpoint of their entire life. It encourages them to develop now the skills and attitudes they will need for future life challenges. Through a combination of classes, career presentations, and one-on-one mentoring, it teaches them to be men of character who are ready for responsibility in: marriage and fatherhood, professional work, responsible citizenship, friendship with family, colleagues, neighbors, and God. The program is run by a group of dads led by Aaron Schuchart.

 Dr. Daniel Eaton leads the philosophy track, and Dr. Kevin Roberts contributes significantly to the career planning and leadership development tracks. Three supernumeraries serving play the role of mentors to the students. Season One curriculum is as follows, focused on three tracks, philosophy, virtues, and career planning:


Season 2 highlights have included a review led by Dr. Eaton of some of the key arguments against naturalism as a possible world view, with an in depth discussion on C.S. Lewis’ case for the Natural Law as evidenced by human behavior. Another highlight was a visit and talk by Father Pete Arriagada, Vicar for the Southern Region of Opus Dei. He introduced the students to Opus Dei and also discussed how they can turn their studies and their work into a form of prayer through its sanctification.


Another highlight this fall was our session at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, where Kevin Roberts led a discussion on performing our civic duty consistent with Catholic social doctrine. It was followed by lunch and a walking tour of the Capitol.












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