Personal Initiatives: Pacific Inspired Father-Son Clubs

Ashton has recently moved to Dallas from Southern California with his family. He has launched a Father-Son in the Dallas area following the same guidelines of the several he started in California. The club, intended for fathers with sons in 1-3 grades, meets once a month on Saturdays. The gathering usually takes place in a public location like public park. The activities includes two sports: kickball and soccer. In the first sport, kickball, sons and fathers play in opposite teams, and both enjoy the competition enormously.

For soccer, son and fathers are mixed in the opposite teams to allow everyone to enjoy the game scoring a few goals. The sports times is a unique opportunity for dads to spend time with their boys. In between the two sports, there is a practical virtue talk for both sons and fathers. It is important for fathers to have a conversation with their sons, in the car in their way back home, to help them come up with a resolution to live the virtue addressed in the talk during the following month. In between the sporting activities, everyone also enjoys a snack brought by all participants. It is important for the snack to be of one type without multiple choices. Such identical snack for everyone helps teach to appreciate what we have and avoid excessive capriciousness. Another unique approach of the activity is that all fathers are encouraged to correct any of the boys, when their behavior requires it. Ashton finds the guidelines work very well and attract fathers deeply interested in imbuing strong virtues in their sons. 


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