October 17, 7:30 pm CST, Because I want to! Forming the Will of Our Children, Pilar Caranti

Pilar considers the training of the will an essential aspect of the formation of our children and the basis of a good education. A well-directed Will makes it easier to achieve whatever we set our minds to. Our example to educate the will of our kids is key. In her talk she will talk about how to form the will of our children and how to foster virtues. In particular, she will go into detail about two virtues—order and fortitude—that she believes are vital to raise happy and mature adults. The virtue of ORDER not only includes material order but is, above all, order in the ideas and order in the affections which lead to self-control; hence, why it’s so important and sometimes neglected. The virtue of FORTITUDE is important for our children to develop so they can resist harmful influences, withstand difficulties, and strive to act positively to overcome obstacles and undertake great deeds.


Pilar Caranti holds a Masters in Psychology from the Catholic University of Argentina. She is a Certified Professional Life Coach and loves working with mothers and couples. Family topics and the education of children are her passion. You can learn more about Pilar and her private practice by visiting her website: www.pilarcaranti.com
Pilar is a member of the board of Texas Family Enrichment since 2015. She is a moderator and facilitates cases in different cities. She and her husband Guido are the founders of Family Summera vacation for families in Beaver Creek, Colorado that started in 2015. Family Summer combines a family enrichment course, leisure and outdoor adventures.
They have been married for 25 years and have 6 children, ages 24 through 13. Originally from Argentina, they have made Houston their home for the last 24 years. 


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