Dr. Cofiño at Chaucer Drive Study Center

No Small Goals, a biography of Dr. Ernesto Cofiño (1899-1991), whose cause of holiness is underway, has been recently published. The book tells the story of his trip to Houston in 1991 to seek advice on how to treat a recurring cancer. This is how the story goes (our emphasis):

After much discussion, José Luis and Clemencia (his children) accompanied him to Houston to inquire about the operation. (...) While at lunch, José Luis suggested that Ernesto go to the nearby center of Opus Dei so that he could talk it over with God. Fr. Michael Barrett answered the door of Chaucer Center. An elderly gentleman with a pleasant smile introduced himself as Dr. Ernesto Cofiño and asked to pray in the oratory. Fr. Michael was delighted to meet him. He had heard of Dr. Cofiño from Guatemalans with whom he had studied in Rome. He showed him into the oratory. There, alone with Jesus, Ernesto faced the fact that God was calling him home. On the way out, he and Fr. Michael again exchanged some words, but by Ernesto’s smile and pleasant conversation, Fr. Michael never imagined that he had just prayed about such a weighty matter.


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