Commuter Retreats

Due to the current pandemic, the number of people Featherock will be able to accommodate for retreats this year is going to be significantly lower than in previous years. In order to palliate such decreased opportunities to make a retreat in 2020, commuter retreats are being planned. They will be two-and-a-half day retreats at a convenient location during the day with the participants returning home in the evening. As usual, the meditations will be held at a chapel, and will preached live by a priest, if there are enough attendees, or pre-recorded meditations might be played. The current idea is to hold such retreats in different cities. In Houston a natural place for such commuter retreats would be the Holy Cross Chapel in downtown Houston. In other cities, the Opus Dei centers may be used. Suggestions for alternative locations are welcome.

Streaming such retreats is certainly an option depending on interest. Attending a retreat online seems like a challenging proposition, However, it may  be convenient for some people. One could envision listening to streamed or pre-recorded meditations at a nearby church, or spending some retreat time walking or seating in a quiet natural environment. 

If you are interested in a commuter workshop, please fill out the polls at If you are not a member of WhereYouAre, you will have to register at, before you can participate in the poll. 


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